From the wrist to the television, McLean Mobile Solutions provides development and design services for the most popular modern platforms including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Android, and "the Cloud".

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We have the pleasure and experience of working with a diverse range of global clients spanning several key industries including retail, education, health, manufacturing, distribution & more.

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  • "McLean Mobile Solutions developed our iPhone App on time and on budget. They were thoughtful and proactive in their approach and we look forward to partnering with McLean Mobile again as we develop more applications for mobile devices.
    The application is a great success and has been a great brand marketing tool and functional resource for our end client."

    CHRIS BRYCE - CEO, Dotfusion

Our Fulfillment Process

Our client journey always starts with a conversation, followed by the below macro steps in bringing your application concept to reality.


Application Requirements Gathering

Working closely with our clients to ensure we have a cohesive understanding of the application’s functionality requirements, desired user experience and overall goals is a crucial first step. Once we have collected all preliminary information needed to better grasp the project scope we are able to more accurately assess timeline, resource requirements and proceed to the prototype / design phase.

Prototype / Design

User Experience, Storyboarding, UI design

Arguably one of the most important phases of the project, during this phase we obsess over ensuring we properly understand the goals of the user experience and workflow of the application by conveying it visually through storyboarding/wire-framing. Having a deep belief that a great user experience is paramount to the success of any application, we put extra energy into getting this right.

McLean Mobile Solutions offers UI asset design services if required otherwise we are happy to work with your internal marketing/design team in adapting any internally produced graphical design assets into your application.


Programming, Integration, Implementation, Testing

The fun begins! This is the phase were we take all of the gathered requirements, prototyping and any assets developed and begin to meld them into a functioning application.

Throughout the development process, we like to involve our clients by sending routine builds as major milestones of the application are completed. This helps to create a feedback loop, allowing us to proactively make changes as desired to ensure client satisfaction with the final product.


App Store, Ad-hoc, In-house distribution

McLean Mobile Solutions has vast experience shipping apps to both the App Store as well as in-house within your organization. Our experience in this area provides invaluable insight into anticipating and avoiding hurdles getting your app approved and distributed.

Whether you are distributing to the masses or internally within your organization, we help get your app into the hands of your intended audience seamlessly and expeditiously.

Post Launch Support

Enhance, Refine, Iterate

After shipping version 1.0 and taking a big collective breathe, this is often just the beginning for many of our clients. If not already planned as a phase 2 strategy, new ideas for feature enhancements or further refinement often arise after releasing the initial version of your app. Where many agencies have moved on to other priorities by this stage, McLean Mobile acknowledges and looks forward to assisting our clients with post-release enhancements, support and the opportunity to help ensure your application is as successful as possible through iteration and continuous refinement.

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