Browser Duo

Designed specifically for the iPad, Browser Duo takes advantage of the iPad's incredible screen real-estate to enable multi-tasking in the browser.

Fantastic for research, blogging, social networking or for watching online video content while you surf the net!

This is an application that I believe people will try once and will be using constantly thereafter" -

  • Watch a movie or video clip while browsing the internet simutaneously
  • Perfect for shopping and comparing price or product specs side by side
  • Browse while staying connected to your favorite social networking site
  • Surf in Full Screen mode making the entire screen a gigantic web browser
  • Surf Side by Side (Landscape) or Top and Bottom (Portrait)
  • Universal address bar provides more screen real-estate for browsing
  • Type a URL or search term into the Smart Address bar and let Browser Duo do the rest
  • In app bookmarking, including favorites and home page designation
  • Private Browsing