List sharing
made easy.

The era of forgetting to have someone else remember to do something is over :)

Listastic is an easy to use, collaborative list making app to help keep life in a little more order. Whether it's keeping a running Grocery list with your significant other, collaborating on key project goals with a team of colleagues, or sharing birthday gift ideas with your friends and family, Listastic is up for the task.

Sharing is a breeze.

Sharing a list in Listastic is as simple as tapping the share button from within any list and selecting the contacts you would like to share your list with. The contacts will receive a push notification if they already have an account or an email invitation if they are new to Listastic!

Listastic Anatomy.

Although Listastic's user interface was designed to be immediately apparent and simple to use, there are a few subtleties that we feel might be worth mentioning. The list icon, for example, conveniently indicates the number of active items in a given list, and whether a list is currently being shared with you, by you, or not shared at all.

Lists are organized into 3 sections: Active, Later and Completed. The Active tab is where all your items will automatically appear. The Later tab is used to hold items you want out of the way, to help keep your active list uncluttered and focused on the items you are currently working on. Completed, as the name implies, is a convenient section that lists all of the items you have completed. Easily move items in and out of these sections based on your organizational needs!

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